Company Introduction

Founded in 2004 , HengGuang Holdings Ltd. is an insurance agent distributing insurance products underwritten by insurance companies operating in China to individual or institutional customers. We are compensated for our services by commissions paid by insurance companies, typically based on a percentage of the premium paid by the insured. Commission and fee rates generally depend on the type of insurance products, the particular insurance company and the region in which the products are sold.

We distribute a wide range of insurance products mainly categorized into two major groups: (1) property and casualty insurance, such as automobile insurance, commercial property insurance, liability insurance; and (2) life insurance, such as individual life insurance and group life insurance. As of April 2021, we have relationships with over insurance companies in the PRC, and therefore are able to offer a variety of insurance products, property and casualty insurance products and life insurance products, to our customers.

We sell automobile insurance to both individual and institutional customers, and individual accident insurance primarily to individual customers. We sell commercial property insurance and liability insurance to institutional customers. Customers for the life insurance products we distribute are primarily individuals under 50 years of age.