Company Profile

We are an insurance agency company, established in 2004, operating in China. We have developed a successful business strategy in the City of Guangan, Sichuan Province during our first ten years. In 2015, we relocated our headquarters to Chengdu, the capital city of Sichuan Province and one of the most robust business centers in southwest China. In 2016, we obtained the Mainland Chinese National Insurance Agency Qualification and Internet Insurance Agency License, and formally established our corporate strategy of expanding both of digital and offline insurance intermediary services on a nationwide scale. In 2019, we accelerated the digitalization process and launched the digital sales application- “Heng Kuai Bao” (meaning fast insurance service), aiming to enhance the insurance service efficiency, improve user experiences, and empower the agents with new technologies. In September 2020, after the Auto Insurance Reform in China, we were a pioneer insurance intermediary in launching the Auto Insurance One-click System in Heng Kuai Bao, which gained the popularity in the Auto-insurance Market. As of December, 2021, we grew from one branch office in Guangan City to 54 locations sprawling in 16 provinces and municipalities in the Southwest and Northeast of China.

We distribute a variety of insurance products into two major groups: (1) property and casualty insurance, such as automobile insurance, commercial property insurance, casualty and accident insurance, construction and engineering insurance, and liability insurance; and (2) life and health insurance. Both of two major product groups focused on meeting the insurance needs of institutional and individual customers. The insurance products we offer online and at the local branches were underwritten by over 70 insurer partners. We offered approximately 1,052 insurance products in the year ended December 31, 2021, including 218 auto insurance products, 532 life and health insurance products and 302 insurance products of other categories.

As a general insurance agency, we provide insurance related services and benefits to our customers with the goal of serving the one-stop center for our insurance customers. For most of insurance products that we distribute, we also evaluate damages, adjust claims and process claims on behalf of insurance companies. The insured can contact our insurance agents directly upon the occurrence of an insurable event and our agents will answer the request in real time. Our slogan for our insurance claim processing service is “One-Stop Claim Data Collection and Worry-Free Claim Settlement.”

Our vision is that we are committed to building and improving our customer-focused digital insurance service platform, with our worry-free policy selection and simplified claim settlement process, to provide customers with efficient insurance services. Our insurance service platform is dedicated to providing Chinese families with timely, professional and comprehensive insurance services.